Homelessness should not exist in Britain in the 21st Century. It does. Unfortunately there are thousands of homeless people in metropolitan and rural areas who find themselves homeless.

I Have a Name is a UK Charity set up to help tackle the homelessness crisis. Our UK Charity Number is 1182358.

I Have a Name is neither a talking shop nor a think tank. Its founders want homeless clients back into work, and healthy. We strive to get homeless numbers down and lives put back on track.

In the short term I Have a Name hopes to put as many roofs over as many heads as possible, to give CV and employment assistance to homeless clients who want to work, to feed the hungry, to reunite families, and refer as many of those suffering from addictions or illness towards professional assistance.

To win the “long game,” the goals become to implement evidence-based housing interventions, make addiction and mental health treatments easily accessible and psychologically safe, and foster a sense of belonging, self-value and safety in clients, all through trusting relationships.

Two of the three founders know what it is like to be homeless. They understand how a day is as far ahead as a homeless person can think. This charity is a way for them to repay the favour that others did them.



NO NONSENSE This is all about numbers not short-term fixes – not public relations or getting distracted by process

NO INHIBITIONS Homeless clients must be asked why they are homeless in order to address their problems

NO BARRIERS Rural, foreign, mentally ill, drug addicted – there are no barriers to finding and helping homeless clients

NO JUDGING Criminals, who are homeless and who have served their sentence are there to be helped too

NO RELIGION Too many homeless charities focus on religious conversion as a way of turning homeless clients’ lives around. That is not our way.

NO REJECTION Many homeless clients have been barred from homeless services and must not be forgotten

NO COMPULSION Some homeless people wish to remain homeless and they should not be compelled into housing

NO FEAR As a charity we will fearlessly lobby government and other bodies to get the best for homeless clients

NO CONDESCENSION All humans should be treated as equals. Our charity’s staff are all chosen for their empathy and humility

NO HOMELESSNESS There is no time to be wasted. Homelessness in 21st Century Britain simply must be addressed