17 Months

BY ANDREW MOODY The seventeenth month anniversary of my psychiatric incarceration occurred on January 22nd 2021, two days after Joe Biden’s inauguration. My ex girlfriend Khair was the start of it all, a beautiful Somali with high cheekbones, full lips, big brown eyes, a rapier wit and a taste for danger. We met in 2017… Read More 17 Months

Drugs Don’t Work

BY ANDREW MOODY It’s been a few weeks since I absconded from the Acute Ward. I was registered as a missing person, and the police texted and called me every hour I was AWOL. Wandering on aching feet throughout London, I couldn’t get a hotel room because of Covid 19 measures, meaning they only accepted… Read More Drugs Don’t Work

I Have a Name Office

I HAVE A NAME TREASURER Lockdown has somewhat hindered the charity’s operations however we have now moved from our Taunton base to a new unit in West Devon where we expect to run the administrative side of the charity for the next few years before combining our outreach team and administrative/fundraising activities into one mega… Read More I Have a Name Office