I Have a Name has 7 services through which we strive as a charity for success:

  • I Have a Name COMMUNICATE 1-way distress phones
  • I Have a Name APPRECIATE Survey
  • I Have a Name LADDER CV & address service
  • I Have a Name LEG-UP Job link Service
  • I Have a Name INTERMEDIATE Family Reconciliation Service
  • I Have a Name NAVIGATE Give Hope Abroad scheme
  • I Have a Name GOODNIGHT Sleep Buses & Trailers

I Have a Name has 3 levels of ambition for success:


Getting sleeping bags, food and supplies, tents, clothing and our phones to homeless clients out on the street and in those forgotten rural areas.


Getting mobile sleeping units out to homeless hotspots, especially during the autumn and winter months, so homeless clients have a roof over their heads.


Setting up villages for the homeless using prefab housing and caravans in areas where local people are unaffected. Abandoned villages, rundown streets, farmland etc Giving these clients shelter, food, work and access to the services they need so they can re-enter society as valuable contributors and manifest their human gifts.

Case Studies: 


Jane was sofa surfing with friends when she heard about I Have a Name through a homeless charity in Exmouth, Devon. A volunteer sat down with Jane and typed out a CV for her, printing a pile of copies and emailing her the finished version. Just this simple process – which took less than half an hour – gave Jane the confidence to apply for numerous jobs. Jane was accepted by one employer and is now employed. She is renting her own flat in Exeter and cannot say thank-you enough.


Richard found himself on the streets after losing his job over a tweet. He lost everything and fell out with his family and friends. Richard started drinking and then went into substance abuse. His only friend was a pet dog called Mo. I Have a Name trustees met Richard on the streets of Taunton. They looked after his dog so he could attend a hospital appointment. They found him new clothes and fed him. They sat with him while he made the telephone calls to reunite with his family. Richard is occasionally reverting to substance abuse but is now living with a roof over his head and with people who care. Mo is fine too.


Millie was living in a tent beside the sea. The tent was forever blowing away. She was always getting attacked by foxes at night. Millie was one of Britain’s rural homeless. Until I Have a Name found out about her and linked her up with a caravan in a local campsite. From there she could get online and a donated computer allowed her to access the world again. Millie then found a bungalow near London from where she edits her own magazine, sips tea and works as a content writer for numerous employers. She looks back on her homeless days with embarrassment, realising that literally anyone can become homeless if they make the wrong choices in life or are sufficient victims of circumstance.


One minute Jim was a successful professional. Then – after too many late nights drinking and being unfaithful to his wife – he found himself homeless and with his career on the rocks. Jim headed into a deep depression and the next thing he knew he was attempting suicide. Jim was rushed into hospital and kept on suicide watch. I Have a Name then came across Jim and assisted him with entry into a halfway house and found him a case worker to address his mental health problems. After three months Jim worked with a trustee to find accommodation in an annexe and then after six months he found a cottage where he now lives. Jim does three days of work a week and, happily, he is now back on speaking terms with his wife and family.