Notes from Underground

BY ANDREW MOODY Smoking crack feels good. That’s the honest truth. It will completely destroy you, but the fact remains: smoking crack feels good. I first started smoking crack when I was about twenty or twenty one. It seemed like a natural progression for me. I fell in love with the romance of crack addiction.… Read More Notes from Underground

Drugs Don’t Work

BY ANDREW MOODY It’s been a few weeks since I absconded from the Acute Ward. I was registered as a missing person, and the police texted and called me every hour I was AWOL. Wandering on aching feet throughout London, I couldn’t get a hotel room because of Covid 19 measures, meaning they only accepted… Read More Drugs Don’t Work

I Have a Name Office

I HAVE A NAME TREASURER Lockdown has somewhat hindered the charity’s operations however we have now moved from our Taunton base to a new unit in West Devon where we expect to run the administrative side of the charity for the next few years before combining our outreach team and administrative/fundraising activities into one mega… Read More I Have a Name Office